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Books of Shadows - A Tool Every Witch Needs

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Books of Shadows - A Tool Every Witch Needs

When you think about the tools a witch uses the standard tools come to mind such as wands, athames, perhaps singing bowls, offering bowls and the like. But did you know that one of the most powerful and important witchcraft tools is in fact the Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows (sometimes abbreviated as BOS) is a collection of everything from deity lists/names and correspondences, color and crystal information and correspondences, information on the Wheel of the Year and Sabbats, invocations, spell work and their results, along with other various information they collect over a period of time with their practice. This can be incredibly useful for things needing quick referencing such as crystals and herbs. Think of it as a recipe book for witchcraft – one that you make yourself!

Books of Shadows are important in the sense that every witch has their own personal craft, personal deities and personal experiences with magic and ritual. Witchcraft attracts many practitioners because of it's relatively relaxed rules surrounding worship, spells and approach. What one witch finds works for them may not work for every other witch and this is where a BOS is important. By recording what works and what doesn't you can hone your skills to ensure that in the future, you consistently get the desired outcome of your spell and rituals. Additionally, many witches find that they follow different pantheons Gods and Goddesses than everyone else. No two witches have the exact same connection to deities, so by recording those that are specific to you it can help you work with them more thoroughly.

Leather bound journals with clasps, like this one in our shop are ideal for Books of Shadows for both the novice and the experienced witch. With multiple pages and thick paper, they are ideal for use with inks and pens, as well as pencil. Once you see what a beautiful book this is in your hands you won't be able to stop yourself from working on your Book of Shadows as much as you can!