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Cauldrons for all Seasons

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Cauldrons for all Seasons

Cauldrons are usually seen as a typical witches companion (aside from the black cat, of course!), and for good reason. Cauldrons are particularly useful magical items that come in handy for more things than just the mundane!

Regardless of whether you're burning a few papers to burn off what no longer serves you, or you're looking to send a prayer to the universe or a specific deity, there is no mistaking that cauldrons are a great item that every witch needs on their altar – or at least at their disposal. Don't be that person who sets their altar on fire by accident thinking you can control the fire, because sometimes you really can't. This is where having a fantastic cauldron can come in really handy. Whether you have a lot of space at your disposal, or you live in a small studio apartment, there's cauldrons available for your space situation.

Cauldrons have a million uses as well. In spells or rituals, they can be used to hold charcoal disks on which loose incense is placed in order to burn off, or you can actually set fire to herbs directly to burn in the cauldron as part of the working. Coming in many sizes from literally tiny table top fireproof cauldrons all the way up to huge cast iron things that can add a magical effect to a garden, you can cook, cast and make all kinds of magic with cauldrons.

Not only can you get cauldrons in plain cast iron black, but you can get them in brass or other finishes and with catching details often carved into them as well such as triple moons, or even just some nice Celtic style knot work and other designs. One thing to remember is to season your cauldron prior to use if it hasn't been as you can damage an unseasoned cauldron. Seasoning includes baking the cauldron after coating it vegetable oil a number of times over a period of time and ensuring it's cleaned properly after every use. Taking proper care of a cauldron can mean even decades of use. Check out this eye-catching Celtic themed brass cauldron from our shop. Enjoy!