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Chakras - And Jewellery To Promote Their Health

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Chakras - And Jewellery To Promote Their Health

Chakras are energy centres of our bodies, through which specific emotions, strengths, weaknesses and developments on personal levels can come from. While there are actually many chakras throughout our bodies including individual ones in our fingers, hands, feet and the like the main Chakras are down the centre of the body from our perineum to the top of our heads. In short there are seven main chakras and from bottom to top are as follows:

Root Chakra – Corresponds to basic trust in other people and the self.

Sacral Chakra – Corresponds to sexuality and creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra – Corresponds to wisdom, power

Heart Chakra – Corresponds to love and healing

Throat Chakra – Corresponds to communication

Third Eye Chakra – Corresponds to awareness of self and intuition

Crown Chakra – Corresponds to spirituality and pure consciousness

When chakras are cleansed and balanced they can provide a great source of power and well-being for the individual concerned. One way to cleanse and work with chakras is through the use of crystals, meditations, journaling on specific points related to the chakras etc. Balancing chakras involves facing specific issues related to the chakras – for example, a blockage or issue with the throat chakra can result in issues with the thyroid, throat, mouth including teeth and the like. In this case, focusing on clear communication and also working with blue throat chakra related crystals can help cleanse and re-balance this chakra resulting in a more balanced well-being.

When all the chakras are balanced and in harmony the individual can experience a general sense of health, well-being and happiness.Try wearing this great chakra bracelet from our shop to help keep your chakras balanced and in harmony with each other – each colored stone represents the seven main chakras and is also quite a colorful way to jazz up your everyday wardrobe. It's also a great way to maintain a connection to your spiritual awareness without wearing something too brazen or out in the open – especially if you're still keeping your foray into wicca and witchcraft relatively under wraps.