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Crystal Balls - Not Just For Fair Grounds!

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Crystal Balls - Not Just For Fair Grounds!

Crystal balls have long been seen as one of the main tools of creepy fairground fortune tellers hidden away in tents lined with Persian rugs, or things of films that aren't typically  used in real working practices. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, and many witches consider crystal balls to be more than just something pretty to jazz up a working space or altar. Crystal balls come in many different styles and colors and are also made with many different types of crystal and are the perfect accompaniment to either the crystal loving witch or the divination loving witch.

Crystal balls are typically used to help in the viewing of images contained within the reflections of the ball. This can be done in a number of ways, but the typical way is to dedicate a space to the divinatory work as you would with any divination tool such as tarot or runes, and then look into the ball, letting your gaze soften until you aren't looking at it directly. This can take some practice, and not everyone is skilled at mastering this in the first one or two tries. Give it time, and keep practising though and it will come!

The art of divination through peering through or across a surface is known as 'Scrying'. Scrying can be done either through gazing into a surface such as a crystal ball or a scrying mirror, which can also be found in our shop. Occasionally a candle can be used to light the space, allowing images to come more clearly. Some people have found to experience very clear predictions of the future by using scrying as a method of divination, and thus the crystal ball shouldn't be dismissed as something to be used just by what some perceive to be fairground fortune tellers – and in fact, the ball can be a very valuable divination tool.

If you'd like to see how the crystal ball can aid you in your divination, check out some of the great balls and other scrying tools that are available in our shop – such as this beautiful Lavender Crystal Ball, which is perfect for those people who are interested in expanding their divination repertoire.