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Crystals - More Than Pretty Rocks

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Crystals - More Than Pretty Rocks

Crystals are always considered one of the best ways to connect with energies in the world. Each crystal is almost literally the bones of the Earth and therefore carry with them energy from our Earth Mother, Gaia which we can use in our daily lives. Crystals can help us tap into ethereal energy, bringing us the things we need or desire in our lives and can even aid in physical healing when used in things such as massage. Come see the huge range of crystals we have in our shop and pick up a few great pieces of Mother Earth to call your own.

Different crystals correspond to different types of healing, and not all crystals are used for physical healing, but instead are used specifically for spiritual healing. Likewise some crystals can be placed in water and left in the moonlight to create Crystal Elixirs, but not all crystals are able to be used this way. Please research your crystals carefully before drinking or making Crystal Elixirs as some crystals contain harmful metals that can do more harm than good.

Crystals such as Selenite are not able to be placed in water due to their extremely soft structure. The structure can break down if left in water over time and so to make a Selenite elixir or Selenite water, you can place Selenite outside the bowl or jar and leave it in the moonlight so that the water reflects over the Selenite through the night. This will help the water absorb the energies of the crystal.

If you suffer from headaches and general head maladies you can use Amethyst to help you ward off these issues. Rubbing Amethyst crystals on the source of the headache can help alleviate it, and wearing Amethyst chip necklaces can help you keep headaches at bay and carrying Amethyst with you can help as well – and serve as an aid in the event of a headache when you're out and about.

Moonstone (and Rainbow Moonstone) is always a great stone to keep with you to keep the energy of the moon close at hand. This versatile stone can help women with their menstrual cycle and can also help keep the energy of the moon nearby, helping balance emotions and keep a calming, nurturing feeling about you.