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Full Moon: Now is the Time

Full Moon: Now is the Time

When full, the moon's energy is at its strongest.  Practitioners can use the power of the full moon in their circles to increase the effectiveness of rituals and spells.  This is a good time for dedications, work involving attraction and drawing in, and healing.  In daily life, social activities will have positive outcomes.  The full moon encourages celebration, thankfulness, and completion.

The full moon is the time when covens hold an esbat.  During an esbat, new tools used in magical workings will be ritually cleansed, consecrated, and dedicated to the gods and goddesses associated with the group.  New members may also be officially inducted into the coven at this time.  Handfasting ceremonies, a form of Wiccan marriage, can also take place during an esbat.  These events are big community affairs.  There is food, music, dancing, and celebrating, usually long into the morning hours.  Solitary witches, those without a close community of like-minded people, can hold their own celebrations.  Our goddess is abundance, and the fertility of possibility.  The important thing is to use this time to remember that, and to celebrate it!

 As above, so below.  The light of the full moon illuminates the darkness of the spiritual worlds, just as it shines through the darkness of our own nights.  Use mirrors, candles, or bowls of water in your circle to catch glimpses of possible futures, or gain insights into issues or circumstances you've been working on.  Humbly ask the gods to direct your inner eye to the wisdom that you need the most right now.  Clear your mind and concentrate on your chosen reflective surface.  If you are open, the power of the full moon can reveal messages and options you may not have otherwise noticed.

 Because the other realms are so open to us during the full moon, it's a good time for more direct experiences with the energies of the gods and goddesses.  Rituals to draw in the power of a particular deity, like drawing down the moon, are popular during this time.  At the very least, spend a small amount of time meditating on the deities of your tradition.  In your book of shadows, you can write prayers or poems that you can share with your gods during your circle time.

The power of the full moon will dramatically increase the effectiveness of spells and magical workings.  The full moon is associated with the goddess as mother, making this a perfect time for healing, nurturing, and building up works.  Attraction spells are also favored during this time. 

 In everyday life, the power of the full moon encourages communication and gathering together.  Go out with your friends. Invite your extended family over for a dinner party.  Or spend some time alone in nature, listening to the earth.  This time is for expressing gratitude for the others that co-create your life.  Use the moon's energy to strengthen existing ties and cement newer ones.

 With the full moon, we take the time to look back over the previous weeks of our life.  If we have done our work well, it is a time to rejoice and be grateful for the bounty of good things.  If things are not quite where we would like them to be, we can use the illuminating power of the full moon to ask for guidance and wisdom to help us move on.