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Herbs Galore - Star Anise

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Herbs Galore - Star Anise

One of the most common things you will find witches and pagans using in a variety of ways is herbs. Herbs are available widely through supermarkets, health food shops and online. Of course supermarkets and health food shops aren't going to carry every herb under the sun. For example, you wouldn't be able to get nightshade at a supermarket (note – do NOT eat nightshade).

Our extensive herb shop on our website caters to a number of herbs you won't get elsewhere, so make sure you come have a look at all we have to offer. All of our prices are also competitive and ensure you get quality herbs for less.

The herb we're going to talk about today is Star Anise. This is a great herb for a number of things – and it smells amazing. This is a popular herb that is used widely in folk magic including Hoodoo, and is known as being one of the most mystic of herbs. Star Anise is usually added to magical bags or conjure bags in Hoodoo magic to help ward off curses including the Evil Eye. Aside from this though, the Star Anise can be used to help bring in good luck, love, money, health and can be used in psychic workings to aid in visions and psychic abilities as a whole. Star Anise is also useful to place on a small plate on your altar to bring overall luck and good energy to your space.

Herbs in general can be a great way to help cleanse areas – and in future posts we will look at a few other herbs that are great witches' companions. So set aside some space in your magical working room, something tells me you will be a herb collector sooner than you expect!