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Herbs, Herbs, Herbs!

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Herbs, Herbs, Herbs!

If you're a herbal witch, then you might be wondering what a couple of great herbs are that you can incorporate into your practice. Depending what you're looking to do or achieve from spells, sachets or rituals there are a number of herbs you can incorporate into your practice. I'll talk about a few of them below:

For sachets to attract various things you can use herbs to help attract specific energies that you want to bring into your life. This is where you can incorporate some color magic as well – by using a specific color sachet you can help pump up the magic a bit. For example if you want to bring luck, prosperity or money to you, using a green sachet bag to hold your herbs will help. Herbs for prosperity and money include mint, thyme and basil (amongst others). Check out this big bag of thyme from our shop – one pound of it, which is enough for tons of money sachets!

If you're looking to make a sachet to help sleep, you can use a calming color of bag to hold your crystals and herbs – perhaps lavender would work well being a calming and inviting color. Stuffing herbs such as lavender flowers, skullcap and catnip into the sachet will help bring about sleep – and additionally these three herbs can be combined into a night time tea to drink to help bring about sleep. Skullcap is a good alternative to Valerian, which can be very potent for people. Watch out if you have cats with Valerian around – it has a stronger effect on them than catnip and truly makes them giddy and wild, which can be fun but unexpected!

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