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Pagan Posters - More Than Informative

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Pagan Posters - More Than Informative

When you're just starting out in witchcraft and wicca, it can be hard to keep information on hand and within easy access unless you have already mastered the creation of a Book of Shadows but this is unlikely for very new beginners to the craft. Having easy access to information needed in rituals can be incredibly important so as not to interrupt the flow or energetic circle to have to pop out to get something informative. This is where having posters of commonly used information is extremely useful, especially when placed on or above the altar on the wall or the like.

Take the Horned God for example. New witches and wiccans may not know immediately all of his correspondences, what he represents, or how to honor him in ritual. This is where a poster with this information would come in handy – such as this perfect poster from our shop. These fantastically decorated posters have the added benefit of not just being eye catching, but also exemplary quality, allowing you the ability to frame them or even put them in plastic sleeves for use in your own eventual Book of Shadows.

These posters don't come in just Gods and Goddesses though and come with information about the elements, various Spirit Animals, wands, Celtic Trees and their uses and even poetry such as the Wiccan Rede or the Invocation of the God/Goddess or Dark God/Goddess. These posters, regardless of how you use them can make a beautiful addition to any working space or home, and when framed and hung on walls add a bit of magic to every space. Come and see our full line of posters for every use and need here, and pick the ones that suit you and your practice the best. We guarantee you will love all of the illustrations on every poster as well as the beautiful calligraphy.