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Protection Baths - The Best In Protection

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Protection Baths - The Best In Protection

Have you been worrying about protecting yourself spiritually and energetically but aren't quite sure how? Are crystals and candles and general meditation amongst other things just not doing it for what you have going on? Protection – spiritual and energetic – is an important concept, and can help benefit not just you in your everyday life, but also your rituals and any magical workings you intend to perform.

If you are looking to amp up your energetic protection, why not consider a bath – yes a bath! If you use the right oils, herbs and crystals you can really amp up just a standard run of the mill bath into an energetic powerhouse. Considering the use of the element water to surround you, you can either make a sachet stuffed with crystals and herbs to use in the bath, or you can use our special Protection Bath Salts to aid in creating a cleansing, protective bath for yourself. You can amp up the energy by pairing the salts with a couple of crystals placed on the edges of the bathtub, and perhaps a few candles. A protective bath doesn't have to be all business – you might find that you love soaking away the negativity and bringing in the positive with these salts more than just a couple times a week!

Protection is always a good thing to be well versed in. It doesn't just help you perform the best magic you can, but keeping yourself free of negative and heavy energy can help you lead a healthier, more prosperous and beneficial life. Protection – especially spiritual and energetic protection is important to keep your space clear and positive. You will find you are naturally healthier and in a better mood when you have an energetically clear area.