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Rose Quartz - A Crystal For Everything

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Rose Quartz - A Crystal For Everything

Crystals are always a favorite amongst pagans and witches. Considered to be the “bones of the Earth”, crystals have a million uses and can be put into almost everything to help with healing, directing energy, helping cope with specific emotions, deflecting negative energy etc. The use of crystals in your life is really up to you and what you need, and they are a great way to subtly add a bit of magic to the everyday.

Crystals come in hundreds – if not thousands – of types, shapes, sizes and colors. Crystals also have specific correspondences regarding deities, chakras, energies and other uses. Depending what it is that you're searching for or need in your life, crystals can come in incredibly useful as a way of helping to manifest that which you seek.

Rose quartz is probably one of the most popular crystals that are available, and being easy to find means that this particular crystal is usually fairly inexpensive to pick up at crystal shops or markets. Rose quartz corresponds to the heart chakra and is used to attract a new lover, improve a relationship, or increase friendships and bonds between existing friends or family members. Rose quartz can equally be used to help protect against things like gossip, and also to bring a general warm, calm energy to situations, spaces and people.

Have a look at the Rose Quartz on offer in our shop. A one pound bag will give you several crystals which you can use around the home, office or even carry in your pocket or handbag to help you manifest love, affection, and peacefulness to your everyday life.