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Springs Arrival - Ostara

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Springs Arrival - Ostara

March 20th is celebrated as the day that signifies the change in the season from the dark winter to the brightening spring.  What is known to be the "spring equinox", is for us Wiccans and neo - pagans, the festival of Ostara. 

Ostara is one of the eight neopagan sabbats( holidays ) that make up the wheel of the year.  It marks the onset of a new beginning, with the arrival of Eostra, our goddess that signifies the arrival of dawn.  This festival is significant of a new beginning, or a change brought upon us humans as soon as the year changes. 

The word " Easter " is derived from "Eostra" and carries the same significant egg to denote it.  The egg was chosen as a medium as it appreciates the beauty of the formation of a new life, a life that is yet not involved in the shackles and ramblings of the human race, a life that is yet not attuned to the ways of the humans, a life that is naive to the ills of the world. 

We could also follow that same philosophy as imparted upon us by Ostara, change and renew ourselves on this most saintly of days.  It could be a call to us to mend our own ways or to discard them completely, and start anew.  Just like the egg that hatches from being a tiny toddler to a self-sustained mighty rooster.  We could also create our own path, with the arrival of spring, we can also shed our dark past, tackle the world like a novice.

This is the right time to look at the world with a new light, if you had thought about something in a particular way earlier, this is the time to change that.  It is the time to bring forth positive actions to your life, to sustain and take it on a path of perpetual glory that isn't mired by ill-will towards your fellow beings.  This is the time to be a sentient soul, the one who's loved, the one without ills.

Be like the egg, experience the world anew.  There should be no shackles from your past life that may hold you back, nothing that should come in your way to everlasting peace, be at one with Eostra as she carries you in her arms to a new beginning and a semblance of peace in your life.  And remember you haven't grown till you have come out of your shell, the shell would be signified by your previous life.