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The Oak -  A Wood Good For Everything

The Oak - A Wood Good For Everything

The Oak tree is a revered tree throughout witchcraft, wicca and paganism in general. Being a tree known for its symbolism of wisdom makes this a useful wood or other tree product to incorporate into most spells, workings, rituals and general worship. Other tree products could include acorns collected in autumn – which is coincidentally a symbol of regeneration, prosperity, youthfulness and strength. Having a wand made from Oak is one of the best that you can have.

An Oak wand, such as the one in our shop, denotes an individual with a strong sense of intuition and integrity and also one who commands a high level of fidelity. Prosperity follows owners of oak wands, and this is truly the best wand for those who want to embody a bit of wisdom into their workings.

Other things you can use Oak trees and acorns for is for autumn based rituals – such as those for releasing negative patterns or negative energy. Writing what you wish to release into the Universe on Oak leaves and then burning them in a Jack-O'Lantern is a great Samhain ritual that you can use to usher in the Witches New Year and kick it off with a nice clean slate. Alternatively you can do this without burning the leaves and instead crumpling them up and then burying the broken leaf as a sign of sending what doesn't serve you back into the Earth or Universe.

Acorns can be added to magickal pouches to be carried year round to help bring prosperity and protection to you, as well as to draw on the wisdom and strength of the oak in all the situations you find yourself in. The acorn is a powerful tool that can also be used in spells, witches bottles and other types of workings. The best time to collect acorns is in late October or into November.