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Triquetras and Chalices - Symbols of The Goddess

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Triquetras and Chalices - Symbols of The Goddess

Most witches and pagans have an affinity with Celtic knot work like the Triquetra. The Triquetra is a symbol of all things being interconnected and is occasionally seen as a symbol of the Goddess – especially in those with a keen interest and connection to the Celtic pantheon. Goddesses such as Brighid, Arianrhod, and Cerridwen conjure up symbols of knot work and the interconnectedness that these intricate decorations bring, and having the Triquetra adorn your magical equipment such as altar cloths, athames and chalices is just one way you can keep a bit of the Goddess close by.

This chalice, which is silver in make and color is perfect for those who are looking to really have a perfect Goddess symbol on their altar, but who perhaps aren't ready for – or haven't yet found – the perfect Goddess statue. Silver being the color associated with the Moon, and therefore the Goddess, this chalice couldn't be more perfect as a way to honor Her. The Triquetra engraved in this chalice adds to this theme, and makes this the ideal feminine symbol for any altar for any practising witch or pagan.

The chalice is always considered a feminine symbol for any altar, representing the womb and the woman herself, with the athame representing the man. During ritual activities like the Great Rite, performed at Beltane, the athame is slowly placed into the wine in the chalice to represent the union of the God and Goddess at their wedding day. The wine is then shared around the ritual circle and also offered up to the spirits invited to join the ceremony. This is one of the most blessed and respected rites in many circles of witches.

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