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Reawakening The Soul

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Embark on an Epic Journey ~ into the realm of your Diamond Soul to Experience Ultimate Freedom & Eternal Fulfillment! The Knowledge and Value that is contained in this 1 Book is equivalent to that of 8 individual books! Inspirational Quotes e Activating inspiration and hope. Affirmation e Strengthening, reprogramming and developing the subconscious mind with positive statements to consciously create the change desired. Card Message e Acquiring wisdom from the universal language of your soules intuition to draw from the well of the superconscious mind. Card Symbology e Understading lifees messages through colors, shapes, vibration and symbols. Journey e Experience truth for yourself as you travel into your soul to behold your eternal true nature as Spirit. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)Tapping e Removing past emotional blocks from the physical body to allow new healthy and vibrant patterns to enter. Introspection e Stimulate and enhance your inquisitive mind diving deeper into knowledge through self-inquiry, which leads to insights followed by results. Transcendental Art e The works of art compiled in this book are full of metaphysical import delivering profound spiritual shifts on multiple levels of consciousness.